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Week 2 - Getamon Unplayable on Newer Phone and Nothing has been done about multiple reports

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Article Publish : 11/29/2022 18:40

Again I'm here posting about this bug on Getamon. Already posted on this Forum quite a few times, made feedback reports via the app, made a feedback post on your Discord and in none, NONE of these occasions I got an answer from any mod/dev. When are you lot from GTArcade actually make Getamon fully playable on all phones? My old phone (Moto G7 Power) is able to play the minigames from Paradise Island most of the time but that phone is almost broken. Bought a new one (Moto G22) and I simply cannot play a single match. Always give "system error". What's that System Error? Why don't you all fix it? Why does this happen on my newer phone but not my older one? Can anyone care to explain? Or are you all gonna stay quiet and act like you don't care? Because to be honest that's why it looks like. People make report tickets in game (Saint Seiya Awakening in my case) and get automatic answers but no actual resolution. I make feedback reports and get no answer or resolution. You could at very least show that you looked at the suggestions/feedback but you prefer to stay quiet like everything is working fine. I'm not the only one with this issue so please fix that already. I'm gonna post this exact text every week to see how many times it takes for any mod/dev to say something