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【Rewards Sent】Brain burning Game - Who killed father?

Article Publish : 11/28/2022 15:29
Edited by cocolee at 12/07/2022 11:45

Hello Gtarcade Community!

The first person who deduces the right code will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


The killer is 【The second son】

Without the police giving any clues, he mentioned that he was not that strong to lift heavy objects.

🏆The first player to deduce all the clues was tenaka.

✌️The first ten players who deduced some of the clues were


One day, a man died in his room because he was hit on the head by a heavy object and died. The man had no enemies outside, and the only people who could have killed him were his three sons. The police decided to meet with the three sons to see if they could get any clues.

The officer also said to them, "Your father died yesterday around 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. What were you doing during that time? What were you doing during that time?"

The oldest son said, "What! Dead? I just went to the supermarket by myself at that time, it's not like that happened."

The officer asked the oldest son, "How long were you there?"

The oldest son replied, "About 30 minutes. I must not have killed him! "

The second son also cried, "How could this happen? I went to the park for a while yesterday at that time, for about an hour. How could I have killed my father? Besides how could I have been so strong!"

The youngest son said with tears in his eyes, "My father died I was also very sad when my father died, I just went to the library to read a book for an hour or so at that time, if I had not gone to read, maybe this tragedy If I had not gone to read, maybe this tragedy would not have happened."

After listening to the three people's answers, the officer thought carefully and knew who had killed his father!