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A new element and a new rarity!

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Article Publish : 11/24/2022 11:29

A new element and a new rarity! 🥰Loki, a Legendary Magic Bowman, enters the fray! 🔥Thanksgiving is coming! ❤️We’d like to thank everyone for their love and support for this game, and let you all experience the new Chaos element. Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s Loki, free to summon! Simply take part in the Call to Supremacy event to easily obtain Loki! What? 😺Lucasta has some of Loki's fragments... Want some? Keep reading!😄

▌Profile: Loki is the Norse god of lies and mischief. He is not a complete villain, and often makes amends to those he plays his tricks on. However, for his role in planning the death of Odin's son Baldr, he was bound to a rock, with a snake placed above him to drip poison onto his face for all eternity.

▌Skill Effect: Deal magical damage (Damage Rate x%) to all enemies and have y% chance to cause Confuse for 6 seconds. If the target have Bleed or Tear, the chance of been confused will be increased by 25%.

▌Damage Rate (x): 229.5/261/292.5/324/355.5/387/418.5/450

Confuse Chance (y): 12.75/14.5/16.25/18/19.75/21.5/23.25/25

▌Recommended Unit: Loki is a Chaos Immortal whose element shifts based on the elemental values of his unit. This makes it easy to acquire elemental aura bonuses, so Loki is a perfect match for any kind of unit!

▌Elemental Shift Rules: The total value of each element in the unit will be calculated. The element of Chaos Immortals will automatically shift to the element whose total value is highest within the current unit. If two or more elements are of equal value, the Chaos Immortal will shift to an element based on Immortal position order. (1 Immortal = 1 element value, 1 dragon = 1.5 element value.)

▌How to Obtain:

① Take part in the Call to Supremacy event and log in to acquire Loki! (Players in Season 2 will receive Loki in full. Players who have not reached Season 2 will receive an equivalent amount of Loki fragments, allowing them to summon Loki after reaching Season 2.)

② Loki fragments will appear in Chaos Roulette, Primitive Chaos, and Festival Events. Check your server's Calendar to keep track of the latest event schedule.

③ Take part in our forum event for a chance to obtain Loki! Lucasta has a collection of Loki fragments ready to be given away to lucky players!

💛Please follow this format: #loki+Your ID + Your comment

Event deadline (UTC): November 30th, midnight

Facebook and Instagram will share the reward quota for this event. Each ID can only receive one reward. Rewards will be sent in-game via mail within 48 hours after the event ends.

#loki #infinitykingdom