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Alliance Conquest - Super League - Play offs - N30 vs WTP

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/24/2022 08:23

Season 13 playoffs are well underway now and we have a round 2 match between N30 and WTP.

N30 are ranked at position 3 and WTP are ranked at position 6. Both alliances moved up to the top half of the draw after winning their opening matches.

Looking forward to what should be a great match.

Let us take a look at the top power players from each alliance first.

We can also have a look at the debuff for today`s match.

The timer is counting down.  Wonder who will have the fastest racers to get to the first four opened buildings?

Both sides are off to a good start.  WTP are first to reach their Outpost and also to get to the Tower of the Warrior.  N30 are first to get to their Outpost and to the Temple of the Mother.

N30 are rallying and they have their sights on the Tower of the Warrior.

It is a successful rally for Norr and takes over at the Tower of the Warrior for N30.  He does not stay there long though there is a successful swap out with b3nni.

The Ports are next to open up.  Both alliances so far have been spot on with their racing. Will they manage to get to their own Port first?  We will soon find out!

There are lots of arrows from both sides heading to each Port.

It is a reverse take at the Ports.  ClydeB from N30 is first to the WTP Port and DragoNQueeN from WTP is first to reach the N30 Port!

After a quick swap out at enemy Port for N30 it is almost time for Casterly Rock to open up.

But still time for some rallies. WTP tried for Temple of the Mother, but were not successful.

N30 try for their Port and take it.  

But WTP took the enemy Port back again.

The bubble is now down at Casterly Rock, the race is on!

Casterly Rock is secured for N30, ClydeB swaps out for Folgore Loch.

Five locations for N30 and two locations for WTP.  Strongholds are opening soon.

N30 are rallying for their Port again.

And the Port is taken by VeiN for N30.

WTP tried rallying to take their own Port back, but the rallies were not successful and KOVEN held onto it for N30.

Both alliances secure their own Strongholds.

N30 rallies and takes enemy Outpost and WTP are having another try at getting their Port back.

This time it is a win for them and sakupapa takes the home Port for WTP.

N30 responds by taking over the enemy Stronghold.

WTP is going now for the enemy Port!  It is very very close but VeiN manages to hold on for N30.

Great reinforcement there on the N30 side.

N30 have the same intention and they too rally for the enemy Port.

Success for N30 and for jabber as he has the winning rally and swaps out for Tweety.

It is an all red map for N30.

There are a few brief takeovers and retakes while all wait for the Mines to drop bubbles and a bit of activity in the hives.

So this is it! All or nothing for WTP.  They need the Mines now.

One Mine for each alliance and both swap holders successfully.

But N30 rallied for their Mine and took it back.

They then dropped out of the buildings to allow WTP to get some more points.

The final result is in and it was a win for N30 in what was a very exciting match!

Let us look at some of the match statistics.