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New update - Handbook

Article Publish : 11/23/2022 20:01

I am really glad devs don't forget to give us something new to click at, but the Handbook may not be the right thing to be placed on a bar that is for things my party heroes need. I don't have any of the heroes in handbook nor angels. I do have 3 out of 4 mounts, yaay.

It's maybe not the best feature to be there. Maybe if it's connected to the ones I do have, it would make more sense, like this it is just a version of Unbreakable bond and at least its icon should be placed there next to it.

And P.S. it would be nice to have something more meaningful than this.

We are all very loyal to the game for many many years so, hear us out. :)

Best wishes for devs, pozdrav iz Srbije ^_^ <3