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[Player Guide] Pack Tips for Those Who Wanna Unlock T5 FAST

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Article Publish : 11/23/2022 12:08
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 14:04

This guide is based on author's personal experience in game and with the currently available packs

Author: ChristianOr


The T5 troops have been introduced for a while now and unlocking them unarguably offers an upgrade to your game. In order to unlock them, you will need Ancient Scriptures, books as we usually call them. There are several ways to obtain them, without spending black diamonds. First of all they are available in the VIP shop, where you can purchase 5 daily if your VIP level is up to 14, and 15 per day if you are VIP 15. 

Also they are available in the fiery mine shop, where you can purchase 20 every 15 days, and they are also given as rewards in the upper levels of Ultimate Tournament. Last but not least, they are sometimes included in the rewards of events, like they were in the Narrow Sea Event shop and hopefully in many more to come. 

However, even though the game provides books, there are several opportunities to obtain more, if you are interested in unlocking T5s fast. Here we will present all packs and give a few tips about them.

  1. Packs that appear in the Black Diamond Shop

There are several packs that are available in the Black Diamond Shop

  1. A Dream of Spring. This is a pack that offers 10 Ancient Scripture (plus 50 Honor Banners and 25K blue diamonds) for the price of 50BD, and it cannot be discounted with coupons. The next packs replace the Honor Banners for Epic Tokens and SS medals, and you can purchase 35 books, 10 Epic Tokens and 10 SS medals at 200BD, 80 books, 20 Epic Tokens and 20 SS medals for 500 BD and 150 books, 30 Epic Tokens and 50 SS medals for 1000BD.

  1. Ancient Scripture. This is a pack that begins at 15 Ancient Scripture for the price of 50BD, and even better, both the Monday discount coupons or the Honor Token coupons work for it, so you can purchase it discounted to 35BD or even 25BD if you use the honor token ones. It also has follow-up packs for 45 books at 200BD, 110 books for 500 BD and 200 books for 1000BD. This pack, if discounted, is 35BD or 25BD for 15 books, 140BD or 100BD for 45 books, 350BD or 250BD for 110 books and 700BD or 500BD for 200 books. 

  1. Merchant’s of Kings Landing. This is a new pack which has follow-up packs and comes with its own discount coupons so you do not need to calculate and save for this pack your discount coupons. The first pack does not contain any books but only the discount coupon for 25BD (plus diamonds and blessing stones) and from then on 30 books for 25BD, 60 books for 100 BD, 100 books for 250BD and 150 books for 500BD.

  1. Weekly and Monthly Packs that contain Ancient Scriptures

i. Weekly Card for Ancient Scriptures. There is a weekly card for 100BD where you obtain 63 Books (9 per day)

ii. Amethyst Shop. If you purchase it by the week, where it is discounted, you can obtain 42 books for 60BD (6 per day). The better value for money is if you spend 1BD per day, which gives you 2 books, so for 7BD you can get 14 books per week. But, this way is not very fast.

iii. Iron Bank. Iron Bank appears once a month, and offers many things for the total price of 200BD. Depending on your Kingdom, two versions of the 3 Iron Banks offer Ancient Scriptures. 60 if you get the SS version and 45 if you have the SS version with Health Badge. Just be very careful, because there is one version with no books at all.

  1. Special Events that have Ancient Scriptures as part of their rewards

aa. Lairs of Flame. An event that appears once every two months, and you can pick as reward Ancient Scriptures

bb. Treasure Minting. In the rewards of Treasure Minting, there are a lot of Ancient Scriptures in the rewards, including 3 packs of 100 books each, and 4k books that can be redeemed individually

cc. Golden Celebration. In the last Golden Celebration, there was a prize of 30 books.

Hope you find this guide helpful and you unlock fast the T5 troops!