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Alliance Conquest - A League - Play offs - UTB vs GEA

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/23/2022 09:15

Here we have another first round Season 13 Play Off match.  This time it is UTB vs GEA.  Both alliances will be hoping to get off to a good start in their first round. It is a good turnout from both sides, but UTB has an extra 13 players on the map, which may make for a challenging game for GEA.

Let us start by having a look first at the top power players from each side.



We can also look at the stratagems chosen for this match.

For today`s match we have the Passive Stratagem Alliance Conquest Healing, Passive Stratagem Alliance Conquest Counter and Passive Stratagem Alliance Conquest Anti-Counter.

With these three passive stratagems it means that they will be working throughout the entire match so no need to activate them.

Now we can also look at the debuff. It is Winter Snow for this match.

The timer is at zero, the race is on!!

What a great start for UTB. They take control of the Temple of the Mother, the Tower of the Warrior and their own Outpost.  GEA are first in at their Outpost.

It is the Ports up next, everyone is checking the timer as it ticks down to zero.

UTB takes both the Ports.

They also take the enemy Outpost.   So it is an all blue map for UTB.  Can GEA get back into the match? 

It is Casterly Rock opening up next.  GEA needs to have extra speed on their racers if they are going to get there before UTB.

A great result for GEA!!!!!  They arrive first at Casterly Rock, 1200 first capture points for them, an excellent boost to their score.

The Strongholds are open next.  The last buildings to open before the wait for the Mines.

A quick rally by GEA on their Outpost but UTB manage to reinforce in time.

Each alliance takes the enemy Stronghold.

UTB are setting up numerous rallies for Casterly Rock. Will GEA be able to hold onto it?

Gawain 01 takes Casterly Rock for UTB and successfully swaps out for Amanda1.

GEA are not giving up yet though and have rallies heading towards their Stronghold now.

It is a great take at their Stronghold by GEA.

But in the North of the map UTB have also been busy and have rallied and taken over their 


They rally again and take back the enemy Stronghold.  The map is all blue now and it is the long wait for the Mines to open up.

UTB disbanded some of the buildings to let GEA get some points on the board.

They only hold on to Casterly Rock.

The Mines are open and the race is on again!

It is one Mine for each alliance, now then can they be held and filled for maximum draining of the points?

Lady Vello solos the GEA held Mine.

But GEA seems happy that they got some points.

There we have it, a good first win of the playoffs for UTB.

Let us have a look at some of the match statistics.