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Create amazing AI artwork for the Time Raiders artifact!

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Article Publish : 11/07/2022 18:09

✨Create amazing AI artwork for the Time Raiders artifact. Get Gold Diamond & SIM Card!

We received a lot of stunning creations at the first AI Artwork event, thank you for your participation. Now a new AI Creation event has come, with a special theme: AI artwork for Time Raiders artifact!

⏰Event Time: 11/4/2022-11/10/2022

🎁Rewards: Gold Diamond*1000+SIM Card*1

👉Event Rules:

1. Use any AI drawing program to create your AI artwork.

2. Content must include: Any in-game artifact + Anything you like (in words), see example below.

3. Post your artwork to the Forum.


1. If you're not sure which AI program to use, try the tool called midjourney: (you need to join Discord to use)

2. We will send out rewards and post some artworks by the end of the event - looking forward to your fantastic artworks

3. Time Raiders Mobile Official reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

😄We will announce the winners and send out rewards on November 7th.

#timeraiders #aiart #aiartwork