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The high price that BDR is paying - ATD the enemy that never forgets.

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 10/02/2022 10:38
Edited by kokardo i at 10/02/2022 17:40

We have already seen together, how ATD added his forces to N3O to attack the BDR faction in this All out War

But my reader friend, where does this resentment between both alliances come from?

Come on, let's relax a bit, since I've been writing all day and my trembling hand doesn't respond, as well as my eyes.

The story above refers to RUI and Baiziming, right?

What I did not tell you is that in revenge, RUI undertook a trip to the lands of BDR, the 39th kingdom.

The idea was simple, if both alliances were in the same place, they would fight the glorious battle, and they also assumed that ATD would stay in the 94 realm. But ATD was not going to allowed Baiziming and his alliance to walk away so easy, so they followed RUI to K39, the land of BDR, where they were making their own plans...


Some say instead that it wasn't the invasion, but BDR couldn't believe how easily ATD overpowered the invasion, despite the first attack, which God Emperor delivered to NIGHTKING

In this dusty Citadel document, you can see, my patient reader, some glimpses of that infamous day in the life of BDR.

However the story is told, only BDR members know the official story, and as we say in Westeros, one owns the victories, the losses are orphans, so I doubt that we will ever know the real feelings that emanated from BDR, that day. But the reality is that ATD is here to stay, and that is an affront that BDR will never forget.

To complicate things further, I remember very well a glorious battle, where both the proud BDR, as part of the hostile attacking ATD, and the always dignified and humble RUI, coincided on the same map.

The news of the time say that it was one of the worst moments of BDR, because he was faced with the dilemma of supporting his faction or letting his hatred of his attacker overcome him.

It is said that only the greatest hatred of another enemy of BDR could that Glorious Battle, N3O.

Dear reader, you are already understanding why BDR leaves his home, kingdom 39, but the underlying question, did he leave out of anger, or out of impotence?

However it is estimated, the only reality is that BDR is no longer in his realm, but he is still a target of ATD attacks.

We ask ourselves a question:

BDR will not be paying a very high price for his seeking for revenge?

Dear reader, thanks for taking the time to share this between all, and if you liked this story, don't stop giving me a like, since the best payment is recognition.