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SoW S08 M3 YGI vs MFs - a recap + a short story

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Article Publish : 10/02/2022 07:45

Well, recap time again ... this time it is the match between YGI and MFs of S08 of Siege of Winterfell.

This recap will be quite short but I am adding a story to it to make up for it ;)

Again the basics first: YGI started the match with 64 Lords/Ladies in attendance, MFs with 67. Quite similar so both should have an equal chance of winning right?

YGI split up as usual, with me in charge of the Armory (left) side. MFs did not contest the Armory in the beginning ... there where some fights later on but most of the action happened on the Hot Spring side. From the beginning they kept the pressure on the Hot Spring up. For quite a big chunk of the match they dominated the Hot Spring but it seemed they had nearly all their troops there.

While the Hot Spring might be the most important building, that troop concentration there was too high and in the end it cost them the win. That and my alliance burning through speedups and having a blast ;) Which most of the time goes well together ... if you have fun, you invest a lot more.

We (YGI) dominated the map most of the time, besides the Hot Spring and the buildings below ... that's why you will see mostly that in the video ... and we won.

That is a strange and short recap of the match? Well ... it was a strange match. For me it was mostly checking buildings and a few small fights. And that's why the recap is short :P At least I had the time to check the fights going on elsewhere, so enjoy the video. It is mostly sped up and concentrates heavily on the Hot Spring :)

So here is the story to make this a not so sad post :P

Lord Ibrandul had been prepared. He had not forgotten to dress up himself and his castle, get a fancy marching anymation and sacrifice to the Many-Faced God. The last part he usually forgot ... most likely because of his old age ... or because he was lazy. No one really knew.

He would lead nearly one half of the YGI troops against MFs and he had a plan too. Not that his plan would be different than for most other matches. They would take the buildings on the left side down to the Armory and depending on the enemy forces further down the line. The commander for the other side of the map would do the same for his side. Simple and usually easy to execute. At least if the enemy played along.

Lord Ibrandul waited for the beginning of the match. He gave instructions to his fellow commanders, basically just telling them to do as they did every match.

Today he would lead the armies down to the Armory himself. He had his three armies set up and just waited for the start of the match. He was excited ... both sides seemed equally strong (some might say weak but obviously those people knew nothing). He already dreamed of the battles, fighting for the Armory, throwing back an overwhelming enemy force, maybe he did not know the meaning of overwhelming ... Anyway ... all the way down to the Armory he was thinking about making a name, killing some enemies ... fun times.

He arrived at the Armory and entered the contesting area around it. The timer to capture the building started. He was checking the surrounding area ... where would the enemy strike?

They would have to be here soon. Especially since Lord Ibrandul did not use cavalry ... so he had not been there that fast.

No one arrived though... well, at least from the enemy side. Maybe they used magic... It was known that sometimes troops appeared from thin air.

But no enemy soldier arrived. That was strange ... Lord Ibrandul sent some of his fellow commanders further south with their commanders to check out the enemy base.

The first reports did not take long to arrive. There were a few skirmishes on his side of the battlefield but nothing major. Where was the enemy? Usually at this point his troops were nearly annihilated ... which in hindsight might not be a good sign for his leadership qualities ...

His side was safe and secure ... where was everyone? Then a messenger arrived. His fellow Co-Leader was in need of help. The Hot Spring had been overrun, no chance to take it back at this point. Some were trying but they lost their troops again and again. His friends were struggling, dying. But Lord Ibrandul could not leave his post. He had to keep his side under control.

He could send another commander though ... or a few ... to help on the other side and to get the resources about to be ready to collect at Winterfell.

And that's what he did. He sent most of his men to the middle of the playing field ... and told them to have fun there and on the other side. What could go wrong?

Lord Ibrandul had relocated to Base 4 by now. The enemy would have to go through his armies to take it and to have a chance to go for the armory.

Again, nothing happened. His friends on the other hand were having fun, from what he had heard. They were fighting and fighting and fighting ... and he was ... well ... waiting. So he decided to watch the fights at the Hot Spring and the other locations on that side.

His armies, of course, had to stay at Base 4 and defend it.

More than once Lord Ibrandul wished to be at the Hot Spring. Not only was it a great place to relax ... all the fighting took place there too!

For a short time Lord Ibrandull left his post to help out with to get the Winterfell resources ... but then he went back to Base 4 and just kept watching what the others were doing. He had a job. And if it was only to guard that stupid Base, then that's what he would do. For the glory of the alliance! And hey, he could watch the others fighting ... that was worth something ... right?

He still was envious ... at least until he got the message that his troops were under attack. The enemy was at Base 4, but only three armies ... he could handle that. And he told that to his fellow commanders. They could have their fun on the other side of the map ... he at least had found someone to hit! And it looked great for him! His armies were clearly winning ... how dare the enemy to send only three armies against the mighty Ibrandul?

Then suddenly more enemies approached ... at first six more armies, then even more ...

Lord Ibrandul knew instantly that this would not end well ... he could only hope to keep them busy as long as possible ... and his troops were dead ... as long as possible sometimes was quite a short time ...

While Lord Ibrandul reorganized his troops and sent them towards the Armory, the next target of the enemy, he checked the Hot Spring again ... no change there. Still fighting, still not YGIs.

But the Armory was in trouble. Too many enemy armies there ... it would fall. He mobilized every commander from his team that he could ... some had been going berzerk on the other side ... so no way to get them to help now.

They went down to the Armory and fought hard. It felt like hours but in the end they took it back. Then they went further south to Base 4 again.

Lord Ibrandul and his men kept the left side throughout most of the match. Yes, it was glorious. And the best part? The other leaders of YGI had been so into the fighting at the Hot Spring and for the resources ... they did not even see how he nearly lost the entire side to the enemy ...

Well, sometimes you have to be grateful for the small things ... like others having awesome battles, while you get so distracted that you F'up ... In the end it was a fun match for Lord Ibrandul. And he was glad that he had been the only one from his side recording it ... at least he hoped that was the case ...