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Glitch/nerfing of IA and Monkey King

Article Publish : 10/01/2022 23:48

Its getting old to have to move my party back and forth to get my party strength to where it should be, every time i log in. And after every reset. This is an old issue that should've been taken care of years ago, but still, has not been addressed/repaired. I'm not alone in this grievance, and players who've worked hard and paid real money here, should not need to be burdened with something that may be as simple as a programming tweek from our Devs. Reward losses and overall confidence in the game is a result of poor game management and really needs a second-3rd or even a 4th look from the developers.

The +1 or -1 thing isn't an anomaly, it is either programming issue, or intentional?

You as players be the judge........